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Services, Fees and Terms

About Websites

Your website presents your business to the world, and it only has 15 seconds to make a good impression!  That's a lot of pressure for one little site!  That's why we build courageous websites that are not afraid of the spotlight.   Your website will shout, one way or another, so let's make sure it's saying all the right things about you!  Our websites are designed to target your specific client and industry, with images, copy, and all the right marketing tools to make the biggest impact possible.


branding packages ($299-$699)

Branding is your visual representation of who you are and what you do.  Your ideal clients will recognize your branding from afar... if it's done right.  If you want to stop blending in and start turning heads, we need to talk.  Branding packages are custom built for your needs, and can include things like logos, websites, social media banners, business cards, branding boards, landing pages, ad design and more.  

New Websit
Web consult
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New Websites ($1200-$4800)

Your website is as important as the clothing you wear.  It tells a potential client who you are, and what you do, and it is your biggest first impression.  Make every second count by having the right information, in the right places.   Pricing ranges from basic one page sites, to complex sites with integrated automations, store fronts, and more.  Includes custom and stock images, contact forms, video integration, custom email set up, and more.  If you can dream it, we can do it.

website redesign.png

Website Redesign ($800-$2500)

Have a website that just isn't doing it's job?  You could boot it, or we can give it a face lift (and infuse a little courage)! Redesigns include custom imagery, marketing strategy, and SEO optimization.  Let's make your website do the heavy lifting, so you can do what you do best!


Website Consultation ($399)

Website Consultations are for the client who is already courageous behind the scenes, and understands the mechanics of inserting copy and resizing photos.  We'll sit down with you for an in-person or recorded video consultation (90-120 minutes), and go through your existing website step by step.  We'll unravel the mystery of WHY your website is not converting to clients or sales, and give you a step-by-step plan for bringing it back to life!


Logos ($125-$250)

Basic Logo with 2 edits

(Basic Logos are simple designs with 2-3 colors.  Created to boldly stand out in a crowd, your basic logo will take you places and let people know you're the one to watch!

Detailed Logos with 2 edits 

Detailed logos are for the bravest among us, who love rainbows of color and telling the whole story with one image.

social Branding.png

Social Media Branding Package ($199-$399)

Polish matters, and we don't recommend the spit kind!  ;)  Your social media needs to project an attitude, and tell people that you've got what they need, no doubt about it!  Social Media Branding Packages start with your logo and website design and turn it into a complete package, making you look just as good on social as you do in person.  Pricing depends on quantity of social sites, number of templates, and types of imagery (for example, video headers vs. static image headers).  We'll discuss the options in your consultation and give you options when we propose (meaning, send the proposal, for those of you whose mind just wandered)!


Company Intro Video or Commercial ($299-$599)

Ranging from 60 seconds to 5 minutes, a great video can tell the world what you're all about, and (not) literally suck them right in!  A great intro should be entertaining and engaging, while making it clear that you're the courageous master of all you do.  This is the secret to hooking people who land on your website or social site and are only going to give you 7 seconds before they make up their minds about you (wish we were kidding on that, but facts don't lie).  Videos can be created with actual video footage of your work, stock footage, stills, animations, or even doodles.  Together, we'll choose the type that fits your company best during our consultation.


YouTube Branding Package ($199-$699)

YouTube is a crowded space, and you've got to be courageous to stand out!  We believe in you, so let us give you the tools to rise to the top!  Packages include headers, thumbnail templates, logo (if needed), intro/outro videos and an extra dash of "get noticed."


Flyers and Infographics ($99-$299)

Sometimes you just gotta get it in print and get it out there!  Visuals are life to your marketing, and a good infographic can save you hours of repetitive explaining. Think of our infographics as your words, but with pretty colors and pictures for the not-so-detailed among us. Let us take your content and add some striking visuals.  Available digitally only, but necessary formats for professional printing will be included if requested.  


Wedding Invitation Design ($99-$249)

Let's make sure everyone wants to attend with an invitation that sets the perfect pitch, even if the karaoke might not!  Choose from a selection of pre-designed templates, and we'll input your details, then send you the correct format for the printer of your choice.  Want a custom design?  We do those too!  Please allow 2-3 weeks for designing and editing (so book your consultation early!  Even the most courageous designers will need some time to make sure every detail is perfect).

Tee Shirt and Merch Designs ($49-$299)

Good gear is important, whether you are spreading the word about your business or selling some humor on a shirt.  Contact us, and we'll be happy to help.  Pricing depends on complexity of design, formats needed, and whether you need rights to sell.

Monthly tech retainer ($450+)

This is where you get to see Courageous Designs go to work for you, inside your daily operations.  This package starts with a 3-month commitment (discounts applied for longer contracts) and includes 10-15 hours each month of on-call tech support, social media posting, website automation, website updates, thumbnails and image creation, marketing help, etc... whatever your business needs most.  Consider us your secret weapon to getting it all done.  We'll discuss your exact needs and create a written proposal customized to your business.

TERMS and conditions


FREE consultation (Zoom or Google Meet) required before all design jobs (except for predesigned templates).  We want to serve you best, and tailor everything to your specific needs.  Proposals will be sent within 3 business days of consultations, at which point you can choose your preferred services/packages.  Discounts may be offered for multiple services and/or portfolio use.  Package rates may also apply.  Prices above are for planning purposes only.

All services are payable 50% at the onset of the project, and the remaining 50% when final edits are complete.  Images and websites will be fully released once final payment is received.  All services are non-refundable.

Designed Fearlessly.  Because the next big thing is       .

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