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design TIPS

Great graphic or website design is about more than just making things look good.  It's about building your brand, establishing your business, positioning you as an authority, and so much more.  If you are working to build something, whether a hobby business, a nonprofit endeavor, or a corporation, BRAND matters.  It's easier said than done to strike the right balance, but here are some thoughts that might help.

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Your colors say a LOT, and they may be saying something you don't intend! Choosing your colors wisely can help boost your brand by conveying the right tone, even without words.

Judging designs

How do you know if a design is "good?" There are several ways to measure this, but none of those ways work if you do not know the intention of your design. In general, a marketing design has 2 primary measures of success: It is actively building brand awareness, and it is successfully converting to sales or leads.

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Ever had a piece of marketing that flopped? Maybe this will help you unravel WHY.  When we create a new design, we ask a few questions before it is finalized. 

1. What does the eye go to first?

2. If someone only sees that one thing (while scrolling), will it help convey the message?

3.Is there a WOW moment in this design, or will it look like everything else our audience sees today?

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