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Ready to start standing out
as an expert in your field?

So, here you are.  Right about now you are wondering if you should schedule a branding or website consultation.  Will it be worth your time?  Will the work be affordable?  Can I REALLY help you in your business?

Great questions.

I like how you think.  I'm a business owner too (duh!) and I've asked myself the same questions many times.  You don't have time for fluff, overpriced branding, or website services that don't really deliver.  I get it.  Here's what you can expect when you book a chat.

I'm not going to hold back.

Talking fluff and trying to "sell" you isn't worth my time.  Or yours.  When we get on the call you're about to book, I'm going to ask you a lot of questions.  I'll want to know all about your business.  What is working, what isn't.  What your passions are.  Why you're on the call. 


Then I'm going to give you some tips to start resolving those problems right away.  I'm going to challenge you to think about your business in new ways. There will be lots of value, just in that call.  It's about helping you succeed in All.The.Ways.


AFTER THAT, it's your turn.

Once I send the proposal, all fees and discounts are good for 14 days.  You can ask any questions you have and decide which services will best suit your needs.  Discounts may apply if you choose all of them, but there's no pressure. If you choose to move on and not continue, we'll still be friends.  I'll be here when you're ready.  Just email me your choices and we'll get started! 

Do you work with...

Coaches?  Yep.  E-commerce?  Absolutely.  Local Businesses?  A fave! Whatever your business, we can help.  We have clients that are accountants, schools, CPA's, independent contractors, freelancers, and more!

Ready to GROW? I'm all in.  Let's DO this!

Then I'll propose.  

me 1.png

Nope, not like that!  About 24-48 hours after our call, you will receive a personalized proposal from me.  I'll list all the ways I can help, and what my fees will be for each.  It won't be free, but you don't need free.  You need RESULTS, amiright?!?  Here's my promise: I will never propose something you don't need, and I will deliver fearless, done-for-you websites and branding that will make you the go-to in your industry!

I love the work that Courageous Designs completed. I had an idea of what I wanted and Alyssa brought my idea to life. The work was completed in a timely manner and far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Courageous Designs to all my family and friends!  - Shanya D.

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